volunteer stories

Nancy Arendholz, Saturday evenings: I volunteer at Forgotten Felines for many reasons. One is because I enjoy the camaraderie I have with my co-volunteers. It's an honor to work beside these dedicated, caring people. It inspires me to see the good work people can do, not for a monetary reward, but for the pure satisfaction of knowing that they have helped, in whatever small way, in the care of these most unfortunate creatures. The love that is returned to the volunteers is worth tenfold what is given in a couple of hours of work a week. My favorite cats are the ones deemed "unapproachable". I think the cranky ones are the ones that could use the extra affection, not so much with petting, but just by talking to them in a calm, soothing voice to let them know they are acknowledged and loved. Sure, scooping poop is a little stinky and unpleasant, but it needs to be done. The scooping goes by quickly, then it's on to other more pleasant areas. It's exciting to see the cats get adopted. At first it's sad, because you will miss them, but then you realize how lucky they are to find a permanent, loving homes and that's what we wish for all the cats. But for the ones that are left behind, I hope there will always be caring, loving volunteers like the ones I work with to care for them and give them the love they deserve.

Jan Donoski, Clinton:  Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved cats. All the old family photos show me holding a kitty in my arms. So it’s not a real surprise to anyone who knows me, that after retiring from the working world, I would end up volunteering at a cat shelter.

I thought I knew a lot about cats, not so, taking care of the many cats at the shelter, I never realized how many different types of personalities come in feline form. They all have different stories some good, but many with very sad and difficult experiences. Most rewarding for me is to connect with the adult & special-needs cats.

In addition to my Monday volunteering, another volunteer and myself make time to arrange social visits with the kitties, holding them in our laps, brushing and petting them. It’s hard to say who looks more forward to these visits us or the cats! We think it goes both ways.

The high point for me is when I see the names of the kitties on the adoption board. IT MAKES MY DAY!

So I can’t imagine not being part of a wonderful team of volunteers at Forgotten Felines.

Linda and Sophy Johnston:  I was purely motivated by the opportunity to spend some time with my teenage daughter in a situation of her own choosing. Sophy had the initial idea of being at Forgotten Felines. I followed her in. We shared the green room at the beginning and now I have the peach room leaving Sophy to handle that big space all on her own. Sophy is the star in this story but she will soon be leaving Forgotten Felines to go to school in France.

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