happy tales

Hans and Luke:  My name is Emily Song, I am 8 years old. We adopted Hans and Luke in 2006. They were about 7 months old and very scared. When my Mom went to pick them up they were literally climbing the shower curtain. We knew these kittens needed a patient and loving home. It took a lot of time but Hans and Luke finally realized that some humans are kind and gentle. I am happy to report that Hans and Luke are now a very integral part of our family. They snuggle on our beds, seek us out, and tell us every day (with purrs) how loved they feel.

Autumn:  We looked at every cat there. And at length, Rick sat down so he could look more closely. Autumn saw him and began her meowing again. She was let out of her cage. Rather than getting on the floor, she took a flying leap into Rick's arms. Snuggling up to him, she allowed no other cat into his lap.  "I think she chose you" I said. "Yeah, well do the paperwork, I'm taking my hew cat to the car." And that was that! ... read more

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