foster home program

Can't adopt right now? No time to volunteer at the shelter? We have lots of adoptable kittens and cats in need of loving foster homes, which is another way of volunteering for our organization that can be done in your own home. The experience will change your life.

Quiet Nico!
Opening your home to a litter of kittens, a pregnant or nursing mom, or a special needs cat will give you a lifetime of satisfaction and a way of contributing to our organization. We always need foster homes that can give tender loving care and individual attention to our rescued felines. Our foster home network is among the best in the state.

one family's rewarding experience

"This is our first time fostering kittens. We have no cats, just a two year old dog! We were worried that we would fall in love with the kittens, and it would be hard to give them up.

Loke, Oliver and Pilot
We learned that it is very easy to foster, and if we let them go, it is easier for us to foster more. It is very rewarding to see your foster kittens move to a permanent home! The kittens have given us so much joy and laughter, especially our twelve year old son."

        --The Carbone Family