before you adopt

Visitor with Piper
  • Do you realize that adopting a cat can be a 20-year commitment?
  • Cats and kittens need good food and regular veterinary care.  Do you have $50 extra per month for the care of your pet?
  • Cats and kittens need love, attention and grooming. Do you have the time?
  • Will your children be kind and gentle with your new family member?
  • If you have other pets, do you have a special room to isolate your new cat in for a week or two, until it acclimates to its new home? Have your pets been tested for FeLV and FIV?
  • Moonstar and Pal
  • If you must move, would you make sure your new residence is cat friendly and take your cat with you, just as you would any other member of your family?